About Georgia

Georgia is a land filled with gorgeous forests, rivers, subtropical regions, natural springs, even a small desert, all nestled among snow-peaked mountains. Bordered by the Black Sea and the Caucasus, Europe’s highest mountain range, Georgia is uniquely positioned for many reasons. With warm and sunny weather nearly all year round, our fertile valleys produce consistently abundant harvests.
For millennia, Georgians have been growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. The oldest remnants of wine production in the world are found in Georgia! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/now-thats-what-you-call-a-real-vintage-professor-unearths-8000-year-old-wine-84179.html It’s a well-kept secret, but there is a large population of Georgians that have lived and continue to live well into their 90’s and 100’s. We believe it is due to our unique and pleasant climate, clean environment, healthy and tasty cuisine and, of course, our love of life and family. Our passion for food is evident in our cooking, with Georgian cuisine being one of the finest in the world. Savory Georgian dishes and superb wines set a standard of good taste. We strive to use flavorful vegetables, fruits and herbs that we grow ourselves as the main ingredients in our dishes. During Soviet times Georgia was the number one producer of vine, mineral waters, citrus fruits, tea, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables for the whole Union. Nowadays it continues to export all over the world, but especially to European countries. It should be stated that, Georgian products entering the EU and most of other European countries are free from custom duties.